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AVANT Quality Improvement Practitioner Grant Awarded to Dr Fiona Broderick

Dr Fiona Broderick has been awarded one of six (6) AVANT Quality Improvement Practitioner Grant Awards

Avant Quality Improvement Grant Practitioner Award

The Avant Quality Improvement Grants Program is run by Avant Mutual Group Limited (“Avant”) and offers up to eight (8) Avant Quality Improvement Grants to medical practitioners, practices and hospitals (“Avant Grants”) to assist funding projects that support sustainable processes and practices that improve the Quality and Safety outcomes for patients.

Dr Broderick and the Collins Street Medical Centre will focus on enhancing the high quality of patient data already held within the practice.

The program will allow the practice to adopt innovative methods of ensuring data is collected, updated and integrated as part of the patient’s medical record; this will also allow for increased uptake and uploading of data to the My Health Record (MyHR).

The program will commence in early 2017.

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