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Before You See the World - See Your Doctor

Travel Health

Why Should I Consult my GP Prior to Travel?

Travellers overseas have up to a 50% chance of suffering travel related illness. Each year, over 500,000 Australians put themselves at risk of illness with potentially serious infection.

Prior to travel it is a good idea to have a medical check-up for personalised advice on how to reduce your risk of illness. This will include advice on how to prevent infectious disease.

Immunisations may be necessary for protection against diseases you may encounter, for routine health measures or as legal requirements for entry into some countries.

As some vaccinations require a course over weeks to months, you should speak to your GP as early as possible prior to your departure. Generally 6 - 8 weeks prior is adequate.

To ensure you receive the best advice, your GP will need to know:

  • the countries you will be visiting
  • length of stay in each country
  • time of year in each country
  • type of accommodation ( hotel, tent, etc )
  • type of travel ( bus, backpacking, etc )

Collins Street Medical Centre has on-line links with up to date travel health information, to ensure you receive the most accurate information possible.

After You Return.

Some illnesses can emerge weeks or even months after you have returned home from your trip eg -Hepatitis B symptoms typically appear 3 - 4 months after infection. You should keep this in mind, especially in the case of intestinal diseases. If the illness is severe or does not improve after 3 - 4 days, you should contact your GP.

Collins Street Medical Centre is an accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Please read on to find out about the Travel Advice our GP's can provide and information about booking your "Travel Health Consultation".


- Letter from GP relating to your medications
- Traveller’s Medical Kit/s

Advice on:
- Gastrointestinal Infections — “Bali Belly” & Traveller’s Diarrhoea
- Sexually Transmitted Diseases
- Hepatitis
- Malaria
- Animal Bites
- Jet Lag
- Diabetes Advice
- Altitude Sickness
- Pregnant Travellers
- DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis )
- Travelling with Children

- Complete range available and personalised
- Certificate of Vaccination provided.

Booking Your Appointment

A Travel Health consultation with your doctor WILL take longer than a normal consultation. Most times you will see the practice nurse following the consultation with the doctor. We advise to wait another 15 minutes following any vaccine in case of reaction.

To ensure that we can provide maximum benefit to you, please inform our reception staff at the time of booking your appointment that you wish to book a “Travel Health Consultation"