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E –Health: National Personal Electronic Health Record

The Australian Government is introducing a national personally controlled electronic health record system.

2012 brings more changes, which should improve health care delivery with the national personal electronic health record, which patients can elect to register for in July 2012.

Our Practice has been chosen by the Improvement Foundation as a lead Practice for a National E Health Collaborative. This will ensure a smooth transition in July 2012

CSMC is ensuring we are well up to speed with the changes so we can transition to this easily and we would encourage you to register in July 2012. It will ensure the Health System can communicate in a coordinated fashion and will improve continuity of care. You can choose with the GP of your choice what information is uploaded to a central record which then can be accessed by nominated Doctors of your choice.

As many Australians have complex and chronic health conditions, much coordination of patient information is required between multiple healthcare providers, with the GP often being the central coordinator and gatekeeper of care. The national personally controlled e health record will help improve patient safety, quality health outcomes and flow of information about your health between relevant health providers, and will provide you with a clear, up to date record of your health information available to you, whenever you need it.

We will keep you informed of the process and advise how you register closer to July 2012.

To find out more you can view the websites: and

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