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Our doctors care for all ages of children from birth onwards. We provide 6 week post natal checks for mothers and babies and encourage you to bring in your baby's Green book (Health & Development Book) to keep us updated on growth patterns and to record immunisations.

We work with a number of dedicated Paediatricians who we refer to for complex or chronic conditions.

We provide all childhood vaccinations.

4 year old health check

The 4 year old health check is a time for a general check and is associated with the 4 year old vaccinations. There is a specific Medicare item number for this and it is a bulk-billed service.


As children enter their mid to late teens they may wish to consult a GP independently and it is important to discuss this with them and advise them they can get their own Medicare card.


Onsite Pathology

Onsite Pathology Services

  • Dorevitch Pathology provides onsite pathology with two collection rooms within our surgery.
  • HOURS: 7.30 am to 5.00 pm

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