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2018 influenza vaccines – your best shot at stopping the flu

Vaccination against flu is the best way to protect you and your children from flu and any associated illness.

To protect yourself from the flu, you should get vaccinated every year. The flu virus is always changing so the flu vaccine changes too.

Flu Vaccinations - Your Best Shot at Stopping the Flu

Seasonal influenza vaccines are available to eligible people for free from mid-April 2018 under the National Immunisation Program. This includes two new vaccines to provide better protection for people aged 65 years and over.

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Influenza Vaccinations are available for a $15 Fee

Get Your Flu VaccineREMEMBER: The flu vaccine does not provide long-lasting immunity - so you need to be vaccinated each year. 

Getting the vaccine from April will protect you before the peak flu period, from around June to September.

Children can receive the flu vaccine from six months of age.

Let your doctor know your age or the age of your child before getting the flu shot. The brand of flu vaccine you should get depends on your age.

The flu vaccine – Information for consumers in 2018 fact sheet